Parc de Parilly is a vast urban park that spans between the neighborhoods of Bron, Vénissieux, and Saint-Priest on the outskirts of Lyon. First planned in 1937, the park covers an area of some 178 hectares. The vast majority of the park is a woodland or forest park but also includes numerous sport facilities, such as a running track, a hippodrome, football and rugby pitches, together with basketball courts. 


In 1926, the then mayor of Lyon Édouard Herriot announced his desire to create a large municipal park on the eastern side of the city. However, the mayor of Bron of the era did not agree. He did not believe that the project was a priority because he felt that there were more pressing concerns that needed to be attended to first, in particular the construction of sufficient housing for workers in what was then, and still is now, an industrial district. Nonetheless, the city council eventually approved the creation of the park in 1937. A contest was organised in order to choose a designer for the new park. Pierre Bellemain was the victor, unfortunately the outbreak of World War 2 put things on hold. 

Work finally recommenced following the war and in 1965 the hippodrome de Parilly was inaugurated.


The park boasts an impressive variety of sports grounds and facilities:

  • A hippodrome
  • A small athletics stadium, originally named the Stade de Parilly, it was renamed the Stade du Rhône in 2012 following major renovation in advance of the 2013 IPC Athletics World Championships. It features an 8 lane running track.
  • 10 football pitches
  • 12 basketball courts
  • A volleyball court
  • 2 rugby pitches
  • 6 handball pitches
  • A area for the practice of soft-ball and cricket
  • An area of some 3,500m2 for rollerbladers and skateboarders
  • The park is a favourite spot for walkers and joggers. Pathways through the wooded part of the park make for a very pleasant route with the trees providing some shade on hot days.


The park is rather vast, meaning there are multiple entrances. For someone travelling from central Lyon however, the most obvious routes to access the park are via metro line D at Parilly station, by tramway line T2 at the Parilly-Université stop, and by bus 39. There is also considerable car parking space at the park. Although the park itself remains accessible to pedestrians at all times, please note the following hours for access to the car park facility:

  • 1st May – 30th September : open from 7:00am to 8:00pm
  • 1st October – 30th April : from 8:00am to 6:00pm


36 Boulevard Emile Bollaert, 69500 Bron