A public square found in Lyon’s second arrondissement, Place des Jacobins was created in 1556 with its current fountain added in 1856. The square forms part of that zone of the city which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Place, in particular its architecture and layout, has changed its appearance numerous times throughout its history. From 2011 to 2013, the square was comprehensively redeveloped and its magnificent fountain restored. Now a pleasant and open space, Place des Jacobin provides a welcoming atmosphere for its pedestrians, terraces and shops. 


Place des Jacobins derives its name from the site of the former Jacobin convent, which was destroyed in 1801, on which it is situated. The Jacobins, also known as religious Preachers of the Order of St. Dominic, occupied the building on the southern side of the Place from 1296. 

The building later became the Prefecture du Rhône, under the reign of King Louis-Philippe. In 1801, the 15th century church was demolished. 


An original fountain having been removed in 1866, It was decided by local authorities in 1877 to erect a new fountain on Place des Jacobins: a competition to construct the fountain was launched from the 18th of January until the 30th of June.

Ultimately inaugurated on the 14th July 1885, the beautiful white marble fountain which stands in the centre of the square was sculpted by Gaspard André. Four celebrated local artists are represented: the architect Philibert Delorme, Guillaume Coustou a sculptor, the engraver and illustrator Gérard Audran and painter Hippolyte Flandrin.


Place des Jacobins is located in the 2nd Arrondissement, just a 350m walk via rue Gasparin from Bellecour metro station (on Metro line A). 

Best time to visit

The square and its fountain can be enjoyed for its beauty both night and day. It does not have the benefit of the numerous bar-terrasses of the nearby Place de Terreaux, although if you are lucky enough to spot a free table on Café des Jacobins, it is a very pleasant place to enjoy an afternoon drink and relax in the atmosphere of the square. While it is not a hub of nighttime activity (nearby rue Mercière, rue Thomassin and rue de la Monnaie are, however, excellent) given the excellent night lighting in the square, and of its fountain, it is equally beautiful after dark.


Place des Jacobins, 69002 Lyon.